The 30 – Day Praise Challenge : A Review

You know those times in your life when no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to find a good thing going on for you? I had one of those at the end of April. I was sad and depressed, then my body shut down too. Sometimes your body is down and your spirit is lifted, so you hang in there. This time it was both for me. I was disinterested in everything and did what I would typically do if I was depressed – check out. So I checked out, besides personal hygiene and going through the motions at work, I was just floating, numb, auto pilot. You know what I mean? Anyway, on one of those days at work, I was in a meeting and wasn’t concentrating so I started going through my email and saw a newsletter after free E-Books. I clicked and the one that  caught my eye was The 30-Day Praise Challenge by Becky Harling, probably because I was being cynical at the time. When I read the blurb (or whatever it is called for e-books) and I saw that it was a book that focused on intentional praise, definitely worth the try. And the best part was that it was $0.00. Can you see God?


Background and Author


Becky Harling  started to intentionally praise God after she was diagnosed with Cancer and had a double mastectomy at age forty-two. She also walked through healing from sexual abuse, but still kept up a vibrant praise and worship which lifted her heart and mind above the circumstances around her. So if anyone should teach you about Intentional Praise, Becky is the right candidate.


The Book


The Book is divided into three parts: The Challenge (which is basically the Introduction and Background), Thirty Days of Praise and Taking it Further.  In Part Two which is Thirty Days of Praise, each day starts with an Invitation from God (it reads like Jesus Calling) where he encourages you to praise Him for a particular attribute or deed of His, or for a particular reason or person. The Invitation ends with relevant bible verses. After the Invitation, there is a suggestion of songs to listen to, a Prayer, and a Journal section. In Taking it Further, Becky Harling helps with more ways to intentionally praise God – Praising God through His names, Praising God using the Psalms, Praising God from the book of Revelation, praising God to defeat the Enemy, Praising God through a declaration, Praising God when you are grieving and a list of Praise Songs to download.


Here’s where it gets interesting: During my own 30-day Praise Challenge, I was broke as hell, ill for most part, depressed, had a minor accident (I say minor because God came through) and then ended up in the hospital for back pain. So it was clearly not a quick fix. But what I learned from intentionally praising God is that even though you don’t get all the answers immediately, your faith grows and your focus changes from the things happening around you to the things that God can and will eventually do for you, in His perfect timing.


The best of all of this, is that in a bid to encourage myself, I started sharing screenshots of The 30-Day Praise Challenge on my Instagram page. Turns out there were many other people following and who were blessed by it too. And the best part is that I got it for free. Maybe sometime in the future, I’ll be able to buy copies of this book to give out to everyone around me. There’s also a 30-Day Praise Challenge for Parents, but when we get to that bridge.


Have you read The 30-Day Praise Challenge? Let me know what you think.

Love and Light