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Starting Over in a New City

Moving to a new city can be difficult. Uprooting your life and starting another one comes with mixed feelings. Whether you’re moving for work, marriage, searching for greener pastures or just avoiding Nigeria, here are a few tips to make the process easier.


The absolute first thing you want to do is to be sure you want to move. Be absolutely sure it’s what you want.


Financial feasibility. Make sure you’ll be able to make ends meet once you’ve moved (for 3 months at the very least).


Belongings. Properly pack and label your items (this will help with unpacking). Sell or give out stuff you won’t be able to take along (mostly furniture and cars).


When you’re in the new city, unpack as soon as you can as this will help you settle down and feel more at home quickly.


Find local stores around you. Find local stores that meet your immediate needs (pharmacies, grocery stores, coffee shops, eat outs, gas station), hospitals and places of worship.


Study transportation. What buses go where? Ia public transport better for some errands? How do you quickly navigate the city? Are there shortcuts you should know about?


Be warm and friendly. Make new friends.Check if any of your old friends have friends in the new town or city, and if yes, then try to establish a connection with those people.


Be open minded, take on new opportunities. One of the most powerful side effects of moving to a relocation depression also known as separation anxiety. If you’re feeling sad or anxious, explore new things, make new friends, introduce familiar things into your immediate environment, explore your new city and keep in touch with old friends.


Finally, give yourself time to acclimatise. Don’t be too hard or judgemental. Anytime you start feeling like you made a mistake, remind yourself that things are still in transition.


Whichever city you’re moving to, I hope you settle in nicely and have the most amazing experience.


Have any tips on how to get comfortable in a new place? Share in the comments!