Quarantine Beauty Tips

The quarantining can restrict our movements but should never restrict our ability to look and feel beautiful. Your beauty routine still matters even in quarantine.


Here are skin care beauty tips for this lockdown period.



Moisturize : never fall for the myth that you don’t need to moisturise because you are not going out. Your body needs the moisture especially as you are constantly washing and sanitising your hands. So please moisturise.


DIY face masks : See here for a list of different DIY recipes you can try at home.


Cleanse your face : Even though you are not going out there are elements that touch your face for example your phone your hands dust sheets sweats and if you have Babies your babies so it’s important to cleanse your face at least twice a day .


Protective hairstyles : give your natural hair a break. we protective hairstyles. The most common and easiest is cornrows. It’s easy to make, suitable for all hair types and length and makes oiling your hair easy.


Mani/pedicure : A mini Mani Pedi will keep your nails in good shape and maintain cuticle health. Clip and file your nails. File in one direction to reduce breakage. Soak your cuticles in a bowl of warm water mixed with olive oil, once your cuticle is soft, push it back along the nail, moisturize with a hand cream or coconut oil.


Drink a lot of water : this one writes it’s self drink loads of water.


Hair masks and deep conditioning : There are a couple of hair masks that you can try to keep your hair healthy and luscious this period. See here.