On Thirst


And by thirst I don’t mean what a random girl sees when she sees Tyson Beckford’s shirtless photo on Instagram. That’s the Urban Dictionary meaning, won’t cut it here.

Thirst is deeper. Thirst is an eager desire for something, a craving, a yearning – like being thirsty for knowledge, for God, for success.  Sometimes I wonder why thirst works within this context better than hunger. Truth is, we all can go days on days without food, but not water/liquid.

Thirst is what keeps you up night after night, trying to figure out better ways to do things. You can just love the status quo and go on with it because “that’s how it’s been done for years” or you can challenge the status quo and try to forge a new path.

Thirst is daring. It’s daring to do the things no one else will do. It’s daring to take the lead when everyone else is content with being led. It is stepping up and taking control. It means you’re never ready, because there’s no such thing as ready. Every day is a good day to start.

Thirst is intentional. It’s not an alignment of the stars in your favour. It’s launching out into the deep and creating your own luck. Thirst is just jumping, knowing the net will appear. And if it doesn’t you’ll still land on your feet. Or maybe you won’t. But you will stand on your feet and do it again.

Thirst is almost inevitably failure. Yogi Berra once said “When you get to a fork in the road, take it”. I know that sounds crazy. But the point is, you can’t turn back, so even if you don’t know which turn to go. So you’ll have to take one.

Thirst does not accept defeat. In the words of Antoine Dodson (please DO NOT JUDGE ME) “In our family we don’t run around crying or acting sad, we just dust our shoulders up and keep on moving”.

Stay thirsty.

Love and Light.