On Being the Light in Dark Places

“If your personal piety doesn’t produce patience and love toward other people…you’re practising self-righteousness”-  Lecrae.


We can look at the world and see all the darkness and evil surrounding us. And we can complain or debate. Who funds Boko Haram? Why does Putin act like the Anti-Christ? Why can’t America stop Assad? Why can’t we stop Daesh ( or ISIS or ISIL or whatever they are)?Why do cops kill unarmed Black Americans? When will racism end? Why can’t the world just be a better place?


Or we can see everything that’s wrong with the world and maybe try to make it right; one person at a time, one heart at a time and one step at a time.


You hold the light, and it’s shinning and making darker places brighter…


Like Syeda Ghulam Fatima in Pakistan who has devoted her life to ending modern day slavery in the form of bonded labour in the Brick Kilns. Fatima has been shot, electrocuted and beaten numerous times for her work as Pakistan’s Harriet Tubman. Her organisation, the Bonded Labour Liberation Front is small but determined (DETERMINED) and has been working to establish Freedom Centers throughout rural Pakistan so that every bonded labourer has access to legal aid. I only got to hear about her through Humans of New York (by the way, they’ve been able to raise over a million dollars to help her work).


Like the White Helmets in Syria. The White Helmets is Syria’s Civil Defence, a purely voluntary organisation. When a bomb goes off (which is awfully frequent) the White Helmets rush in first. In doing this, they risk their lives – some of them have lost limbs during rescue work. To understand the magnitude of the war in Syria, imagine a 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake every day. I have seen pictures of the White Helmets, sometimes they work without gloves. The White Helmets also now have female volunteers (some parts of Syria consider it dishonourable for men to touch women, even if it’s to rescue them) who go into the rubble to rescue women. They’re also advocating for an end to chemical warfare by the Assad regime.


There’s Oby Ezekwesili and Aisha Yesufu, advocating for the search and rescue of the Kidnapped Chibok Girls- something like the voice in the wilderness crying. The world has forgotten, but she finds a way to remind us everyday that the girls are still missing.


There are tons of people who do great things every day. They create light out of the darkness, they’re the glow in the darkness. And even more astonishing is that they didn’t wait for any grand platform to start from. They just started anyway, and they’re making the world better.

What are you going to do?