On Being Away… Again

Some things never change, like me just going away for so long. Especially without a word, especially after I promised to “be back in one week”.


You want to know what else doesn’t change – excuses. I always have perfect excuses. I see you rolling your eyes. Calm down. I swear you’ll understand this time. I promise.


You know I mentioned that I was married at the time. Well, I forgot to add that I was pregnant (or maybe I intentionally skipped that part, dunno dunno, the Yoruba girl in me came thraaa). Well, you know what pregnant women do? They sleep. Most of them at least (see I said them and not us?). I’d either be asleep or be so tired that I’d be useless to myself and the rest of humanity, understandably so. I was carrying a whole empire in me, that takes a lot out of work.


And you know why I didn’t come up here when I just had a baby? Because a baby is a full-time job, more work than dressing up and showing up to work every day; but I do what I have to do, which is taking care of my baby. That’s that for excuses.


Now that I am back, there’s so much to tell you, if you bear with me.


Stay a little longer, will you?