#MyHustle: Shade Yusuph on turning her love for arts and craft into a business

Hey everyone. This week of MyHustle features Shade Yusuph, an arts and crafts lover. Shade is a self-taught entrepreneur and beauty connoisseur. She loves arts and crafts and this love for arts fueled her bag making business. She also retails carefully curated accessories and has an online clothing store where she retails handpicked vintage clothing. Her love for handmade bags wasn’t awoken until someone who would later become her first teacher told her in 2014 that she could make Ankara bags which Shade had never seen before. Shade shares her journey with us.


Tell us a bit about your background and what prepared you for your current business.

My name is Shade Yusuph. I studied Mass Communication and I’ve just always loved arts and craft. Before starting my business, I worked in an e-commerce company and that sort of exposed me to the possibility of having a business online and ways to go about it.


When did you take the leap to go into business fulltime?

Honestly, I’d say it was when it became increasingly difficult to combine my bag making business with my day job. I went back to the drawing board, did my maths and knew it was something that was sustainable for me.


How has your business done over the last few years? 

I’ve had a bit of a break in the past few years but what has really helped me grow is originality and a lot of hardwork. Also, even though this may sound a bit cliché, great customer service skills. I strongly believe that in an industry such as this, something needs to set you apart. It doesn’t matter if a million people are doing what you do, what matters is how you do it and how you make people feel.


Tell us what a typical day at the studio is like? 

Busy, busy, busy. I basically start each day cutting out patterns, sending out deliveries, sewing and putting out content online.


What’s the one thing that could give your business a boost right now?

Lol. Definitely funding.


How much for starters?

5 million naira would be a great start.


Are you happy in your current phase of business? 

Yes, I am. I’m nowhere near where I want to be yet but there’s so much space for growth and that genuinely makes me happy. It’s an indicator that I’m on the right path and the business is never going extinct. I mean, it’s bags right? Bags can never go out of style.


What would you tell anyone hoping to get into your line of business?

Have a plan, stay focused and keep learning. People say studying your competition is good but I say competition is distracting and may stifle your creativity. Just do your thing really.

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