#MyHustle: Omosigho Quadri on the Business Side of Baking

Hey guys, welcome to yet another edition of MyHustle. This week we interview Omosigho Quadri. Omosigho is a Baker and Pastry Chef who trained at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) in New York. One of my favourite bakers (she made my wedding cake), she’s run her bakery, Sighos Confections fulltime since 2015, first in Lagos and now in Abuja. She shares a few tips on the business side of baking. Enjoy.


Tell us a bit about your background and what inspired you to go into baking full-time. 

I’m a baker/ pastry chef. My love for baking from a very tender age led me to choose this career. Baking has always been my passion so it was not so unexpected that I would end up in this line of business. 


When did you know it was the right time to go into your baking business?

After I worked briefly in the corporate world and I realized that working in a corporate organization wasn’t for me, I knew that I’d have to face what I loved doing. I decided to go to culinary school abroad and pursue my passion, as against doing a Masters. I came back home and took the plunge into this business!


How has your business grown over the years?

I had to realize that there’s more to just baking and to run a successful business I had to understand the business of baking itself and not just producing yummy treats. This perspective has helped me grow a lot, understanding my cash flow and being more strategic in business analysis and decision making.


What’s your typical workday and workweek like? 

I work around the clock but I have to consciously make out time to take a break off work. Running this business can be quite demanding and time-consuming. If I am not baking I am doing administrative work. I just have to understand the core of every aspect of the business. So for me, there is no precise opening or closing time as the business owner.


What are the biggest challenges in your business right now?

Finding locally produced ingredients of premium quality at an affordable price. Most local ingredients are below par and exorbitant in price, so I have to keep importing certain ingredients which are also expensive and this tends to increase the cost of the final products. And if this is not properly managed, it could have a ripple effect on profit.


If you were handed a blank cheque for your business, what would you do? How much would you need?

I will diversify! There are a lot of untapped sectors in the baking industry. I will go into manufacturing. And I will definitely need some millions to execute! 😁 The dream is too big to put a price on it!


Are you happy in the current phase of the business?

Yes, I am. I’m very pleased with the rate the business is growing and expanding. We are a start-up business and I have made mistakes and learnt from them.  I am still learning & unlearning as well. I have also seen opportunities in the challenges I am facing as a business owner and it has opened my eyes to certain business opportunities to tap into to solve a need in my industry.


What would you tell anyone hoping to get into your line of business/ career path?

If you have a passion for baking and you have a job please don’t quit as I did!  I know it seems ironic to say this but trust me on this one. Use it as a side job and build up your clientele before leaving your job so your transition is easier. If you are like me and you took the plunge into this business, please don’t give up! Invest in yourself by gaining the necessary knowledge needed in honing your craft and do a lot of research on how to run a business. The mistake we bakers make is that we focus on just the baking aspect of the business and we abandon the business of baking itself. To run a successful business you have to learn and understand how to run one! Your financials are very important, your income, expenditure and profit define the success of your business. A whole lot of bakers focus on the baking aspect of the business and neglect their financials, some don’t even understand it sadly.


Omosigho is on Instagram @sighosconfections. If you’re in Abuja and you need a decadent treat or two, you should give her a try. Tell her I sent you.


Have a great week.