#MyHustle: Aronke Feyi-Emmanuel on Lessons Learned while Growing her Business

Hello Guys,

Took us long enough to post another edition of #MyHustle. Thank you for your patience. If you missed the first edition, you can catch up here. This week, we feature Aronke Feyi-Emmanuel. Aronke is the founder of Little Poshers Ltd, a baby products retail platform (store and parenting community) that also does personal shopping. Aronke shares with us her motivation for starting a business and the lessons she’s learned along the way.


Tell us a bit about your background and what made you choose to go into Baby Products Retailing

So I grew up in a very controlled environment but I was a rebel, in a good way. The university campus where I lived as a child had a working system so it was easy to find opportunities or problems to solve. From time to time my friends and I had one business idea or the other to execute especially while we were on holidays. This helped me to quickly discover my entrepreneurial calling as well as prepared me a little for it. I had most of my failed businesses while I still had the support of my parents and let me also say that my dad was my first business support and cheerleader before my mum took over as number 1. Both of them encouraged me subtly in my rebellion by not insisting (at least not for too long) that I stayed in paid employment where I was always sad and frustrated.



When did you know it was the right time to go into your business?

Well, I knew when my former employer decided to be inconsiderate. Lol! I had just had my daughter and had exhausted my maternity leave before I could even settle down to motherhood. I requested a one month leave without pay in order to settle into motherhood in my new environment. I was told it wasn’t company policy so I resigned. I stayed home doing nothing for one year and when it clocked one year I had been jobless, I knew it was time to start my own dream.


How has your business grown?

I believe that you grow when you learn and learning is continuous. I have given myself to learning a lot in the past years since I started the business and that has accounted for the growth. These learnings have helped tremendously to grow the business in terms of visibility, reach, sales and revenue and ultimately profit.


What’s your typical workday like?

Well, it is what I make it really. There are demands that make it busy both in terms of sales or customer enquiries or learning new things but sometimes I just shut down because I cannot coman die.


What are the biggest challenges in your business right now?
Funding, structure and human resource.


If you were handed a blank cheque for your business, what would you do and how much would you need?
I could do $100,000USD for starters. It’s not a lot but it will help launch the next phase of our five-year business plan.


Are you happy in the current phase of your business?
I have to be. My happiness is critical for growth otherwise the negative energy produced by the opposite will quickly halt the business.


What would you tell anyone hoping to get into your line of business?
It’s not all roses and spotlights. You will need to work your butt off to get results.


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