Life is a Marathon but I’m a Sprinter

They say life is a journey and the beauty of life is in the journey itself – the sights to be seen, the experiences to be had and all that other stuff. I believe it, I even wrote about it a couple of times. I also know that all of this is an adventure on the surface, but then it’s deeper on another plane (I’m trying not to sound like Jaden Smith, but you get what I’m trying to say, I hope). In another space and time, I would have said that this was one huge experiment, but then I know God doesn’t play, and I really do believe in His purpose for EVERY single atom.

I digress.

So life is a journey. And it’s obviously long distance. Because 365 days multiplied by 20 years is a whole lotta time. (I am not 20 years old by the way. I am just trying to put this whole thing in perspective). It’s easy when you have your life planned out for you – school, holiday, church, and all. When you start to struggle to figure life out on your own is when the journey really begins. So from being sheltered and taken care of, you are thrown into life as we know it.


It’s hard to figure this thing out already- what roads to take and which turns are dead ends or like our current Eko Bridge on a crazy traffic nights. Then when you figure that out, after many wrong turns (if you’re a wanderer like me), you start on what is seemingly the journey to the destination. Oh wait!


Life is not an endless journey (“to give you an expected end” Jeremiah 29:11). It’s just long distance, with many curve roads and paths with obstacles. But that’s where the problem lies in for people like me. I’m not a long distance person. I’m a sprinter, and I can’t even guarantee that I’ll go on win my Sprints. So I have a burst of energy and I’m all fired up and I zoom, and then I start looking for air and water. Or I’m too burnt out and burned from losing that I just lay on my end of the lap and cry and don’t move again. Sometimes I have blisters on my feet from the shoes that hurt or from the thorns on the way. But in all, after close to three decades of trying to figure this thing out, I’ve realized that I’m no Long Distance Runner.


Some days I imagine God waiting for me to finish my drama and tantrums and then say in a voice without emotion “Are you finally done? Let’s go.” Sometimes, He walks beside me, somedays he drags me on to the next lap. And they’re the times that He stitches and washes me, nurses me back to health and sends me on my way. Life doesn’t come with a hibernate button.


But I guess I really do get tired sometimes

(Do not be afraid. I will help you)