How to Run without Getting Tired

“They do what they do to shackle and hold us. So we gotta do what we gotta do to keep growing”

– One Day at a Time, Tupac Shakur (with the Outlawz and Eminem)


“Don’t Run”

I never ran as a child. I was grossly underweight. To put things in perspective, I weighed 22kg in JSS2. I was constantly dizzy from just following my mum to the market. I would squat while she was still haggling and touch her to whisper “mummy I can’t see again”. Then she would find me a stool and a soft drink hawker. There were no PET bottles then, so we’d buy 7-up and pour in a small nylon which I would then drink from. In secondary school, I always knew running was not for me from get-go. I figured I would fit in the March Past but I had Zero Precision. So I settled for the throws, except that I weighed too little for the shot put and the javelin always landed right in front of me. I didn’t try any sporting activity for a long time.

When I suddenly gained weight and grew two sizes larger in 2011, I knew I had to start running. I was a healthy size and now had the burden of keeping the weight in check. So one fine Saturday morning, I wore running shoes and slacks and threw on a tank top. Again, I didn’t last long. You see I now had cellulite. And the thing with cellulite is that the first few times you’re running it stings really badly, something to do with pores and capillaries and some other terms I don’t really understand. It felt like a thousand sand-flies, and then like werepe too. My thighs and legs were numb. I had to go back home and didn’t run again for a while. In the next few years, I would try to run again, maybe a total of six times and give up because of the numbness. The irony is that if I kept at it for say one week straight, I wouldn’t experience the stinging and numbness again.


How to run without getting tired?

Don’t run. If you don’t want to get tired, just don’t run. It’s a cause and effect thing. You can’t run and not get tired. All Sprinters and Marathon runners know this, and even though they train hard year in year out, there’s not one of them who wasn’t panting at the finish line.

And that’s how life is.

You’ll burn out from fear and anxiety and stumble because of rejection. But you keep gotta keep it moving.  And you will be breathless, and you will feel faint, and you will want to stop half-way, but you will get to finish line if you don’t stop. Just run.

Run from the things you don’t want. Run to the life that you want. Run for your Life.

Keep running!

Have a great week.

Love and Light