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How Service Businesses Are Evolving #COVID19

While the practice of Social Distancing is necessary if we are to get through these times, it’s not all fun and games for people whose businesses are built around social interaction. Some of these businesses include services in beauty, hospitality and catering.

A few of these businesses are tweaking their businesses to be able to generate some revenue and keep their business afloat and relevant. We speak with some of these ladies and ask them how they’re adapting to change


Adenike, Event Mixologist, Cocktails by Nikky


Typical Pre-Covid19 Workday

On a typical day when I’m booked for a social event, I start preparations for the event days ahead, I visit the venue to see how best I can set up my bar. I also do a lot of stocktaking and restock every ingredient I’ve run out of. My team and I also meet to finalize logistics for the D-day.


COVID19 Effect on Business

The ban on social gatherings really slowed down business as most of our revenue came from social events. However, we understand that the essence of this is to reduce the spread of the virus and protect us.


How my business is evolving

As an entrepreneur, I had to sit back, think deep and see possible opportunities that can still arise out of a critical period like this. I came up with the idea of a new product line that involves packaging my products ( cocktails & mocktails) in trendy & very hygienic packs and using delivery service to deliver to clients all over the State. This innovation is proving to be a customer delight and I sold out the first batch within 24 hours. It has opened my eyes to new opportunities and I intend to develop that line of my business even when everything normalizes and life goes back to normal after this Covid-19 pandemic.


Adenike is on Instagram @cocktailsbynikky


Opeyemi, Caterer, Foodcrush Catering

Typical Pre-COVID19 Workday

On a typical day when I’m booked, my planning would have started at least 24 hours prior to the event (i.e wedding, birthday party etc) because it takes lots of processes to handle the catering aspect of an event. For example Sourcing for the raw food ingredients like beef, fresh vegetables etc. Then we proceed to the cooking process. On the event day, while the cooking process is still going on, we have another team at the venue of the event handling the table settings. As soon as the food is ready, the logistic team move the food and the waiting staff to the venue. Then we await the instructions of the host to start serving.
It doesn’t end here, because we have to wash and clear up at the end of the day, this is why we are most likely the first to arrive and the last to leave the venue.


COVID19 Effect on Business

We were largely focused on Event Catering and since we’ve had a ban on social gatherings, that aspect of the business has been affected.


How my business is evolving

Since the advent of COVID 19, we ventured into Home deliveries where we make food in bowls and partnered with delivery companies to get the food to various clients who must have placed orders. With this, we have been able to keep the business running.


Ope is on Instagram @foodcrushcatering


Yejide, Makeup Artist, Rivah Beauty NG


Yejide is Lead Makeup Artist @rivahbeautyng

Typical Pre-COVID19 Workday

On a typical day when I’m booked, I usually ensure I give time slots for every booking so it doesn’t clash (it’s hard to get clients to keep to time though). If the clients I have are in-studio clients, I ensure I’m already set up before the first client of the day comes up and ensure the studio is tidy and smells great. I also ensure I’m hydrated because if I have clients back to back, I may start to get backaches and can be a bit nauseous. It’s the same routine if its home service, except that I ensure I’m there latest 10 minutes before the time I was given by the client so I can set up and ensure I’m relaxed.


COVID19 Effect on Business

No one expected this Pandemic to hit us, affect us so much or be here for as long as it’s been. So honestly initially it was about waiting it out and staying sane in the advent of a new and unfamiliar virus. until 1 week turned to 2 then 3 and still saw things were far from becoming normal.


How my business is evolving

I’ve started creating more content; creating looks and filming videos where I teach my Instagram Community simple makeup tips like how to draw your brows, fix your lashes, foundation application, and lots more. It keeps them entertained, adds value and keeps me sane too because I get to do what I love in the process. I’ve also participated in a few makeup challenges which were fun and were engaging for my Instagram community too.

Recently, the idea of having an Online WhatsApp Class came up again. I had contemplated holding a WhatsApp class for a while and eventually decided to. It was really a learning experience for me and lots of fun too seeing people recreate the looks and send pictures. It was great knowing learning could still be done in this difficult time. It gets difficult sometimes and I get unmotivated sometimes but In all, I’m taking everything one day at a time and ensuring I’m staying sane. I’m hoping to get new ideas and evolve as the days go by pending when we are actually free of this virus


Yejide is on Instagram @rivahbeautyng