Free Falling

Never been one to not try to be in control of my own life, or emotions or anything even.

But if I’ve learned anything this year, it’s that Love is Trust. Everything I held on to this year has been questioned. And God has replaced all my dreams with new ones and shown me what it means to trust Him.

Free falling is reckless trust, trusting Him enough to say no matter what “Only Your will Lord”. Because sometimes Your will takes us through thorns and thickets, and our feet bleed. It’s the tests and trials that stretch us. But we get home.

Free falling ends this endless striving, because everything outside Him is really just striving. Striving is like trying to lug a million shopping bags on your own and not letting anyone help you. You’re hunched over everything that’s trying to break you apart but you’re still holding dear, because it is your own personal sorrow, to which you feel entitled. And then He cups your face and wipes your tears and says “Darling, let Me help you with this too”.

Free falling is being His ride or die, because there’s really no life outside Him. Like Enitan Bereola says, God is driving, I’m riding shotgun. And it’s an endless road trip, bumpy even, but there’s so much to see along the way.

No parachutes. Free falling is just leaving the brakes, because He got this. Or maybe it’s knowing that even if I needed the brakes and they didn’t work, He’d break my fall. Or my crash.

Like He did that Sunday.

You should try it too.