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Gone are those days when moms would be required to take care of the home. In today’s world, lots of moms work inside and outside of the home but can we get real enough to say it’s not easy to achieve a work-life balance? We can’t have the perfect achievement of satisfying both ends because somewhere along the line, sacrifices will have to be made. Balance is different for everyone; some of us are comfortable with outsourcing, while others may find comfort in scheduling, time management, or flexibility. I know I fall under the category of scheduling but here a few great tips on how to achieve a perfect balance.

  • Find Your Definition of Balance: This tip is quite important as it will act as a guide in helping you  achieve your balance. Whilst some moms are comfortable working part-time so they can have time for their families, others are fine working full-time with lots of help and chipping in when they can with their families. Bottom line? Your definition will vary based on your job, support, wants and priorities.
  • Separate Work from Home: Easier said than done right? Setting boundaries tends to help but how to achieve that boundary is by focusing on the rules you have set. You may also decide to ask for help if you feel a little guilty for making time for one before the other but being a guilty mom doesn’t help as it serves no purpose. Letting your child see that you work helps to teach them values.
  • Schedule the Time: Schedules are more than too necessary and helpful when we go through the adulting phase but as a mom, it honestly can be a major lifesaver. You can have each task (home and work) on a schedule, so it can act as a guide to know which to focus on first before the other. Calendars and to-do lists can help in achieving this.
  • Ask for Help or Hire Someone: Most moms don’t take to asking for help easily (I’m a little guilty of this) but it’s most definitely not easy. Juggling two roles alone is not fair or realistic. It’s alright to turn to family, friends, or pay for the assist to help reduce one of the tasks. While you focus on work, the partner or a family member or a friend or the help could help watch the kids and home. It’s a sign of strength to ask for help.
  • Disconnect to Reconnect: This allows you to be able to be more present and focused whenever you decide to focus on one aspect of your life. And no, you’re not ignoring the other, you’re just scheduling and prioritizing. You’re less likely to miss fine details or forget important events both work and at home.