April, May I?

Hi there.

This Adult Life would love to say a happy new month to everyone.

We are asking asking April if we may move on to great things like adding a new post series titled ‘Mummy Diaries.’

Mummy Diaries will look into the life of a modern day woman as mother, wife, partner, career woman, and much more and how we all cope with tackling that feat. This will also be a great way to engage our readers. Mummy Diaries is expected to be a monthly post.

We also have a Father’s Day special coming up.

So, we’re using this opportunity to invite our readers to share their stories with us by sending us messages on our social media platforms; IG, Twitter, Facebook, and we’ll be sure to feature them.

This Adult Life once again wishes everyone a happy new month and hopes that good things happen to us all in this new month.