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5 Important Tips for Hiring a Nanny

Hello Mama, 


Whether you’re a first-time mom or a veteran mom, or whether your life just got a little bit busier for you, you’re probably looking to hire domestic help. Enter Nanny or Househelp or Domestic Assistant. Some people have often said that House-helps are a necessary evil. I beg to differ. I’m of the opinion that with the right help, you can free up more time for yourself to achieve your goals and maybe even rest. So let’s jump right into it.


Referrals Matter: Personally, I like when people who have used an agency or agent refer me to one. It may be hard to trust a person who will probably be living in your house and possibly taking care of your children. A referral gives you more confidence and a certain level of trust, as you know who/where to turn to if things go awry.


Read the fine print: Although some agencies offer you a sense of security, it’s important to read the fine print. Many agencies have indemnity clauses in their agreements,  which means that they’re only responsible for providing you with nanny guarantor details. They can’t be held liable if your nanny decides to abscond with property, although they might provide assistance to law enforcement. Another agency requested that a nanny’s salary be reviewed every half year. Be sure that you’re protecting yourself and not getting the shorter end of the stick.


Interview Potential Candidates: Even though a Nanny role is largely informal, it is important that you get to know if your potential Nanny or help will fit in well in your home. From spending a few minutes with potential Nannies, on the phone or in person, I’m usually able to decide if I want to take a chance on the person. I have interviewed a potential Nanny who insisted on being compensated for attending the interview (I had already paid the agency’s commitment and registration fees) and would not leave my premises until I compensated her. An interview also helps you eliminate people who are above your budget. If you’re keen on a Nanny who can read and write in English, an interview is really important.


Never skip the medicals: When you’ve finally decided on a Nanny or Help or Domestic Assistant, there’s one crucial step you must not skip – MEDICALS. While your potential candidate may look the part, their health status may make them unsuitable for a role with children. I always let my potential Nannies know upfront that their employment is subject to passing certain medical tests. I also let them know what tests they’ll be doing. The Nanny’s role is a delicate one that involves caring for children so it’s important that your Nanny is healthy.


Verify their details: Although you may have your agency’s word about an employee’s guarantor details, it’s important to do a cross-checking by yourself. If possible, you can also install security cameras. Someone also suggested registering Domestic Staff with Law Enforcement. Although I have not personally done this, it may be worth the try. 


I hope these points help you when next you’re searching for Domestic Help. Don’t forget to share this post with people who may find this useful and share on your social media pages.