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3 Fathers on how Becoming Fathers Changed Them

Father's Day 2019 Jibola Adekunle

Happy Fathers’ Day!

My earliest happy memory of my father is him playing horse for me. This is probably the same for a lot of people. And while fathers do their best to give us happy memories, I realize that we rarely ever look at fatherhood from the perspective of men. This year, to celebrate Fathers’ Day, we’re taking time out to celebrate fathers and ask them how becoming fathers changed their lives. I hope you enjoy reading as much as they enjoyed sharing.



Temi Akinmola, 33, Lagos, Onsite Manager
Kids: 1 (5 Months)
Marital Status: Married, living with his wife and child.

The major change for me has been learning how to sacrifice. I’ve learned (and I’m still learning) to give up things I love to do, just to make time for the baby. It started as a chore but with time it became routine and is now something I’d feel incomplete about or uneasy if I didn’t do.
Having a baby comes with an extra sense of responsibility. You had your priorities before your child and now you have a little one whose wellbeing and care supersedes all of that. You start to calculate your money in terms of how many diapers & baby food it can get. Lol! Fatherhood can be tough but it’s very rewarding.



Ajibola Adekunle, 32, Lagos, Business
Kids: 3 (3 yr old, 1 yr old twins)
Marital Status: Married, living with wife and children

For me, Fatherhood has changed the perspective about life that all you need to be a man is to provide for your family. I have learnt that it is way more than the ability to provide. Although financial provision is very crucial, considering the type of environment and the conditions we find ourselves in Nigeria, it is equally important to show strength of character and shower our kids and their mother with love. Simply put the little things such as bathing the kids, doing their laundry, diaper changes and regular play with them matter a lot. These things tend to help you bond with your kids. It also gives you a sense of awareness that makes you appreciate life in general. But then again, of what use will the little things be if a father can’t provide the basic amenities to give his children a fighting chance in a highly competitive world? I’m still learning to find a balance, but I’m grateful for the privilege.



Jimi, 38, Lagos, Business Consultant
Kids: 2 (18 months, 5 months)
Marital Statis: Married, living with wife and children


Being a father of 2 wonderful kids has been the most amazing thing that has happened in my life. Looking at both “Folas'” every day has made me see life with a different perspective and made me softer. The joy of seeing my kids smile at me after arriving from work is the best thing that makes my day, even if I had a rewarding day at work. God has been very good to my wife and I and we have increased very quickly by His Grace. My job is demanding but my children have a wonderful mum that takes very good care of the kids and doesn’t leave anything to chance. I also do my best to give them all my attention when I’m available. Undoubtedly, the best thing to happen to me is being a Father to the most amazing kids and having a wonderful wife.