2016: Happy New Year

Ha! Another One *in DJ Khaled’s voice*


I know I’m like two days late but had to go be with family.  Happy New Year. I miss when I used to text or call everyone around New Year to wish them a Happy New Year. I’ll still try though.

I have no resolutions this year. Apparently they don’t really work for me. Only plan is to do everything better than the last year and focus more on the things that matter. I hope that God helps me align my plans with His.

This year I hope that we’re all kinder to each other and we go easy on each other, this place is hard enough already as is. I hope that irrespective of economic projections we can still make things work. I hope that we stop burdening people with our expectations. I hope we see the good in everyone but we still keep our hearts guarded with all diligence. I hope that we learn to live on our own terms and focus on the people and things that bring us joy. I hope that we realize that when God said “Be fruitful and multiply”, He didn’t mean just a spouse and kids.

When you get the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.


Happy New Year