There is ALWAYS Hope: 2021 on the horizon

“And yet facts don’t distract from hope” – Enola Holmes.


Phew! You made it! If you’re reading this, no matter how badly beat up you are (I am too), you somehow made it to the last day of the year so here’s to us. Let’s all gather for the biggest virtual hug possible. 


2020 has been one hell of a ride, and it tested me in every single area of my life – my career, sanity, family and relationships have been strained beyond my wildest thoughts but look where we are. 


I realise that I’ve mostly been running on a wing and a prayer for most of the year. And like many people, I somehow magically believed that life would reset at the turn of the new year. The last few weeks have shown me this may not happen. The economy is in recession, unemployment is high, Nigeria is still a hot mess, and new positive cases of COVID are rising. 


And yet facts don’t distract from hope. 


No matter how bleak it looks, a new year offers us hope that there is still beauty on the horizon (And if we’re honest, it hasn’t been all gloom). It’s a chance for a fresh start (even though we get this chance every morning) and a chance to renew old dreams that we laid down on the altar of survival this year. We’ve learned to survive in an uncertain world; now is the time to thrive. 


I’m praying for a blissful year for us all. I pray we learn the audacity of hope and once again learn to dream big dreams. I hope you try again. I hope you keep pushing on. I hope you thrive. 


Happy New Year. 


Love always,