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On Getting Some Mummy ‘Me’ Time

A huge shoutout to all mothers. As a new mummy to the game, I can honestly say it’s not easy, but how can we make it easy on ourselves so we don’t break down to the point where we can’t provide the care and support that is needed for those we are to cater to? Well, that’s where a Mummy ‘Me’ Time comes in and here are a few tips on how to get it.


Make yourself a priority: Self-care is just as important as every other person you cater to, so you can commit to consciously making yourself a priority. You matter just as much as everything else on your list.


Ask for help: Asking for help does a lot. It hands over some of those responsibilities to someone else for a couple of hours while we get a very much needed fresh breath of air.


Practice saying no: Is this possible? Yes, it is very possible. Friends and/or family as well as your partner can chip in to do those chores as well or take care of the kids while you get some ‘me’ time.


Plan ahead: A journal, a spreadsheet, or the calendar app on your phone can help to schedule your self-care after plans have gone into the daily routine of your life as a mom and partner.


Get creative: Actively searching for moments to introduce self-care to yourself, the more you will get at finding such moments and what to do with them.